Manolo Blahnik Size Chart

Manolo Blahnik uses European sizing. Manolo shoes generally runs small and narrow. Add 30.5 to your US size to get your Manolo size (i.e. a size 7 would wear a 37.5). If you have wider feet, add 31 to your size (i.e. a size 7 would wear a 38).

Mules run extra small, add 31. If you have wide feet, mules might not be such a good idea for you, but slides will work well.

If the shoes are tight, ask for them to be stretched and make sure that they keep them on the stretcher for at least 24 hours for best results. There are also spot stretchers, which can stretch out a tight spot in the shoe.

US Size MB Size
5 35.5
5.5 36
6 36.5
6.5 37
7 37.5
7.5 38
8 38.5
8.5 39
9 39.5
9.5 40
10 40.5

*Remember to add an extra .5 for mules or wide feet!